Vincent Mary School of Engineering

Vincent Mary School of Engineering

Vincent Mary School of Engineering

Engineering (B. Eng.)

  • Electrical  Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Aeronautic Engineering (Commercial Pilot)
  • Aeronautic Engineering (Aircraft maintenance)

Engineers play a vital role in developing new practical application to scientific knowledge. Engineers innovate and create new technologies for benefit of mankind. ABAC School of Engineering provides a learning atmosphere that promotes student initiative and innovation to develop new thinking, and supports student activities that promote engineering designs and systems.

Program Details

Electrical Engineering

Study of the power system, design installation, electronic circuit design, operation and installation of electronic system, operation and maintenance system.

Occupations: graduates may work as a junior engineer in these areas of work: Installation and Commissioning of electrical equipment, operation and maintenance of electrical systems, product design and development, product engineering, application support, manufacturing (material inspection, testing and etc.) and to a lesser degree in customer education and training, marketing, sales and etc.

Further Studies: Students may pursue Master’s degree programs in Power System Operation and Control, Energy Management Systems, Industrial Controls, Power Electronics, HVDC Systems, Electrical Power or even Industrial Management and Administration.

Computer Engineering

Study about computer system including hardware and software.

Occupations: Graduates can work in the computer area, communication, and telecommunication area. In the computer field, they may work as hardware and software Engineer. They will demonstrate their expertise in the computer interfacing (combine both hardware and software). In the area of communication engineering, the job mainly concerns with mobile phone network systems, telephone network systems and computer network system.

Further Studies: Post-graduate studies in the area of computer engineering, telecommunication engineering, computer science, communication engineering and electronics engineering.

Mechatronis Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is an engineering discipline that allows synergistic combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, computer systems, Intelligent robotic systems, control theory, information and communication technologies and systems engineering in the design of product and manufacturing processes. Mechatronics emphasizes the necessity of integration and interaction among different branches of engineering. Mechatronics philosophy challenges traditional engineering thinking and practices because the integrated approach in the selection of means to the contemplated functional ends must involve a team activity and crossing boundaries between conventional engineering disciplines.

Mechatronics Engineering is one of the newest branches of Engineering with far reaching applications to every sector of the society. The mechatronics engineering program provides a broad-based education in the basic principles of electrical, mechanical, control and computer engineering. In view of the requirement of engineers with this specialization in Thailand, Assumption University is offering a Bachelor of Engineering Degree program in Mechatronic Engineering at the School of Engineering.

Aeronautic Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering Program in Aeronautic Engineering aims to produce graduates who have engineering knowledge in airplanes and skills in controlling airplanes, capable of working in both public and private sectors.  The graduates’ morals and ethics will be developed to make them good members of the society.  The leadership and team work skills are also integral characteristics of the graduates. more details

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