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The Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology is one of the pioneers to develop study programs in Computer Science and Information Technology in Thailand. Our computer science programs focus on creating innovative technologies while our information technology programs emphasize on applying and adopting appropriate technology for organizations.

Why VMS?


Technology is everywhere and technological skills are necessary regardless of which industry you are in. VMS has constantly updated our courses for over three decades to keep up with the technology evolution.


Apart from the technical and practical knowledge, VMS students will have a business mindset. Such a fusion enables you to jump start your own business.


At VMS, learning does not take place only inside the classroom. Research laboratories are available for our students to learn and grow from the real-world problems and settings.


We offer interdisciplinary curriculum. You will have a strong foundation in technologies and learn how to utilizes them in various industries which include finance and banking, creative intelligence for marketing, food technology and music industry.


One of the pioneers to develop information technology. Who are experts in the science and technology field, as well as fluent English speakers.

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Learn from people in the industry

VMS teachers are tech entrepreneurs, consultants, people in the tech industry. They know what you should know to win the career game.

Active Learning

Focus on building tangible results. Assist you to pursue future career.

Work Ready

VMS aims to train students not only technical skills but also power skills which are important for your future growth. One of the core skill of the future Computational Thinking


VMS students are ready for the global market; they are quick learners and natural at adapting to new technologies. They grow and expand endlessly with extensive networking of Assumption Alumni.

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