Vision, Mission & Values


Au nursing graduates excelling in professional competence, meeting international standards, utilizing a holistic approach for the client, having leadership, professional ethics, responsibility and accountability. The quality of holistic formation and life-long learning are core values of the nursing faculty and graduates.


The Faculty of Nursing Science is committed to serving society by providing high quality education with the best academic resources, using a student-centered approach, advanced information technology and innovations:

To produce quality nursing graduates

To create a body of knowledge through research

To provide academic services to society


Since 1992 - Present

Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nurse Science

Faculty of Nursing Science has been established since 1988 and was fully accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs on June 1, 1992.
Our graduates have better opportunities in nursing and other careers both in National and International institutions such as renown private hospitals, professional nurses, flight attendants, nursing educators, health business owners etc. They also have high potential in continuing education abroad both in Master and Doctoral degree in Nursing Science, Business Administration, and other related health science fields.