Message from the Dean

If you’re interested in being at the forefront of emerging advances in biotechnology, now is an opportune time to earn the degree at Biotechnology faculty, Assumption University. The field as “complex” and “interdisciplinary”, nothing that biotechnology goes beyond biology and chemistry. As the field continues to evolve, there’s a growing need for skilled professionals to innovate and bring new technologies to market. Our degree has applications in many industries, graduates can choose to work for a variety of organizations, including government agencies, private companies, regulatory bodies, or food industries as well as being an entrepreneurship.

The term “BIOENTREPRENEURSHIP” is relatively new to the world outside USA. The USA is considered to be the birthplace of bioentrepreneurship. The bioentrepreneur has operated in the US for over three decades , even before the IT giants like Microsoft, Sun, Cisco came into being, Biotech companies like Genentech and Amgen were expanding through their research programs, competing and collaborating with the major pharmaceutical companies.

Persidis (1996) described bioentrepreneurship as the wealth creation derived from the application of the biosciences to the business context.

Bioentrepreneurs look for commercial value in the technologies that they apply in conducting research in the field of biotechnology.

The goal of entrepreneurial education is to teach young people to see opportunities and utilize them to the fullest. Entrepreneurship involves new ideas, approaches, methods and styles that can be tested. Understanding business jargon and a businessperson's view of the world are critical in making the transition regardless of the position , occupation or profession the individual selects.

Dean, School of Biotechnology

Vision, Mission & Values


To be the leading international biotechnology school developing human resources and expanding and transferring knowledge for continuous improvement of the safety, quality and value of agricultural and food products through the excelling in the creation of new knowledge and application in Biotechnology appropriated for development of the country/community.


1. Providing educational opportunities that will prepare students to contribute to a dynamic, diverse and global society and pursue lifelong learning.


2. Use appropriate scientific tools and systems to solve both fundamental and applied scientific questions pertaining to agro-industry and food science.


3. Contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and profitability of growers and processors of fruit and vegetable crops, animals, and other expanding agro industries.


4. Develop and implement food biotechnologies to ensure the wholesomeness of foods.


5. Improving individual, family and community well-being through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge in the agricultural, food systems, life and environmental sciences.


6. Providing knowledge in the biological, physical and social sciences necessary to optimize the profitability, sustainability and productivity of the country’s agricultural resources while fostering stewardship of natural and human resources.


7. Help establish, attract, and retain agricultural, food, and biotechnology enterprises locally and abroad.


8. Enhance the role of the Assumption University in developing student and industry interactions as a viable part of the global economy.


Since 1993 - Present

School of Biotechnology

The Faculty of Biotechnology was founded in 1993 as the ninth faculty in Assumption University to produce graduates working in biotechnology field and its related fields. The Faculty has been offering two 4-year bachelor's programs in Agro Biotechnology and Food Biotechnology. Both programs were approved of their academic standard by the Ministry of University Affairs in 1997. Since then the Faculty has produced 4 classes of graduate with the degree of BS in Agro-Industry and in Food technology, to the country.