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Today changes in communication, storytelling, and information technology are reshaping almost every aspect of life including how to create, consume messages and products, as well as interaction with each other. It has changed the way and speed at which we get and understand information thus it is important to further study new media communication which integrates the application of digital technology to communications. Emphasis will be on the production of programs for both broadcast and new media. Students would also be taught to learn the impact of these media on society and culture.

Department of Digital Media Communication

Digital Media Communication with the emphasis on creating various media contents base on business knowledge for online and offline platform in particular to designing of still image, motion graphic, motion picture, Infographic, film, mobile application and website.
Careers in Digital Media is all-rounder designer include those in terms of interactive field such as Digital Media Planner and Designer, Digital Marketing, Game Creative, YouTuber or YouTube content creator, Multimedia Artist and Animator, Web App Designer, Web Analytics Specialist and Digital Content Media Specialist. Whereas students may also have careers in film and documentary field such as Producer, Director, Director of Photographer, Camera Man, Digital Media Photographer, Scriptwriter, Digital Video Content Creator and TVC content maker.

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Bachelor of Communication Arts (B.Com.Arts.)


Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts


Department of Digital Media Communication

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4 Years



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Cannes Lions Awards”

Thasorn Boonyanate (Ped) ID 4717029 Department : New Media Department

Thasorn “Pete” Boonyanate is a Thai creative, songwriter and film director. He graduated from ABAC in New Media, Class of 2007. He began his career as a copywriter 10 years ago and has consistently produced highly popular and award-winning works across multiple categories and agency networks.
Curiosity took him to Shanghai for 2 years, where he headed content and creative work for leading multinational brands. Pete returned to Bangkok in October 2017 as Creative Director and Head of Digital & Content of JWT. Within 10 months, his work has been recognized through multiple projects at all major creative award shows, winning prizes including gold, silver and bronze lions at Cannes.

First Man “on the Moon”

Mr. Chayongkorn Singprasong (Korn) ID : 4817154 Department : New Media Communication

First Man might not be a blockbuster here in Thailand, the drama sci-fi movie about Neil Armstrong, the first man to ever step on the moon won Academy Award for Best Visual Effects early in 2019 beating Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars Universe movies. There was a Thai man behind its compositing who graduated from Assumption University: Chayongkorn Singprasong.
“It all started when I studied at ABAC,” Chayongkorn told us of classes that inspired him to passionate about film and decided to select Department of Digital Media Communication (formerly New Media Communication). When graduated he enrolled an animation program at University of Kent,Canterbury,UK. He worked as a freelancer in London and also in Thailand for five years. In 2016, he enrolled a visual effects program in Vancouver. “I found that I liked compositing better. It is the role where you put everything together in a single shot.” This led him to work as a compositor at Vancouver-based visual effects studio DNEG(Double Negative Vancouver). His first film was Deadpool 2, then Academy Awards-winner First Man.

That was Chayongkorn’s first step on one of the World’s most popular awards. If not mentioning advertising industry’s trophies such as Cannes Lions, he is the first man from Digital Media, Assumption University to ever grab the award. The department and faculty celebrate his success and wish to see his next step, and hope to see the next “man on the moon”.