Live Event Creation and Management

Performance Communication presents its important role in human activities. To communicate effectively and efficiently, reaching the goals and objectives one must possess communication skills, verbal and non-verbal. In this curriculum, students learn and have hands-on experience in creating, designing and organizing a performance, a show, and an event used as a communication tool. Course contents include issues involving relationship and reflection between entertainment and ethical concerns.

As a Communication Arts practitioner, one should be aware of the social, economic and cultural context when creating a performance. Theatre, along with others media, is considered a glamour industry. Some individuals who love the enhancement of drama and performance, this Majoring provides training in the development, creation and management of all stage appearances.

Careers in theatre/performance communication include:

Careers for graduates from this major include on-stage jobs in area such as MC, DJ, VJ, etc. as well as event and performance organizer, theatre producer, script writer, costume and make-up stylist, stage and event manager, stage and event production, casting coordinator, event coordinator, administrator and designer for performance and event production..

Communication subjects that can enhance a career in theatre/ performance communication field include:

Arts and literature appreciation, vocal and physical communication, personality and social interaction, script writing in Thai and English, script management, performance/event criticism, stage and event management, principles of performance design, performance/ event composition, costume/prop and make-up selection, fundamentals of lighting, sound design, audition, directing, marketing management for performance, seminar in performance communication, , performance communication workshop.

Department of Live Event Creation and Management

Live Event Creation and Management Major is fit for those who seek for “Challenging;” Coping uncontrollable forces. These people need to equip with flexible and managerial skill and could work well under pressure and over limits. While working they can be both upfront and behind the scenes. Graduates could choose to set up their own event management business, or could be an event manager, a talent agent, a conference organizer, and a project manager.

c Careers for graduates from “Live, Event Creation and Management” major include work in any sectors in Live Event Creation and Management fields. Graduates could choose to set up their own event management business, and possess the transferable skills to make highly employable in a vast number of different careers which could be an event manager, a talent agent, a conference organizer and a project manager. In addition, career for graduates could include working in event production and performing arts as a production member or coordinator.

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Bachelor of Communication Arts (B.Com.Arts.)


Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts


Department of Live Event Creation and Management

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4 Years



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Tanut Thanajirachai (Yeepun)

MC, DJ at Mono Fresh 91.5 radio

LIVE or Live Event Creation and Management is the department that aims to create students to become ecpertise in event and live performance field industry including concert, fesival, MICE, live show or stage play.

Worapat Pansamlar (Kabil)

Producer at TUE CO,LTD

Now I'm currently working as a producer position at TUE Co,ltd. I am so grateful for having a chance to work in my favourite field of working career. Also, I also have a chance to work with some professional people in Live event and fashion industry.

Performance communication department acknowledge me about knowing the process of live event industry. Furthermore, Performance Communication workshop also taught me to learn how to work as a team in my career.