Vision, Mission & Values


To be an internationally recognized center of academic and professional excellence of Science & Technology in Thailand.


1.The Faculty of Science & Technology is determined to produce:
2.Graduates with the ability to work as a team with analytical, problem solving, decision-making, communication and practical skills.
3.Internationally accepted research works in selected fields.
4.Socially and ethically responsible graduates


Since 1990 - Present

Science & Technology Faculty History

The Faculty of Science and Technology was founded in 1990 with two departments: Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) at Hua-mak campus. In academic year 2013, all the undergraduate programs are moved to Suvarnabhumi campus where the new school’s building is established. The school was then officially named “The Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology (VMS)”.

However, the graduate programs remains at Hua-mak campus. In 2016, VMS consolidated the faculty members of both CS and IT departments in order to seamlessly support full spectrum of studies in the field.

Currently, VMS offers a total six study programs which cover Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees in both Computer Science and Information Technology. All the programs were accredited by the government.