Ph.D. (Computer Science)

Our PhDCS program is internationally standardized. Its focus is on nurturing students to always see beyond the frontier of knowledge and be skillful at pushing it. It solidifies student's foundation in computer science, and systematically nurtures student's analysis and synthesis masteries. The graduate will have gained essential quality to be research scientist as well as university lecturer. Our faculties are qualified experts in various fields, both academic and industrial. Many faculty members are actively involved within the industry. They are reachable not only in classrooms, but also in labs and research groups that students can participate in.

Most importantly, we are fully an international university, with a truly international learning environment, and a culture of entrepreneurial minds.

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Computer Science will serve to - Prepare researchers in the field of computer science who are capable of developing new computing technology. - Produce highly knowledgeable university Instructors in the field of computer science whose in-depth understanding of the knowledge critical thinking, and ability to assimilate new knowledge into their instruction will lead to the development of high quality computer scientists.

Ph.D. (Computer Science)

To be the leading international business school in ASEAN region providing high quality business education to enable graduates to make valuable contributions to organizations and society.

To shape our students into independent-minded graduates who are well versed in business, able to communicate effectively, tech savvy, innovative, and ethical to successfully face global challenges.

4 Years

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Ph.D. (Computer Science)


Vincent Mary School of Science & Technology


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