Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance
B.B.A. (Finance)

Finance is both the art and science of money management. It is an integral part of all modern economies and also important to the success of any entity: individuals, businesses and government. Finance and Banking program provides the students with the theoretical financial principles, analytical tools, and practical knowledge for making ethical and sound financial decision in a modern business environment.

Finance major is accredited by CFA Institute, a premier world association for investment management professionals, under CFA Institute University Affiliation Program. Finance major prepares the students for achieving professional certifications in finance such as CFA, FRM, and CFP.

To produce quality graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follows:

  • Have theoretical and practical financial knowledge as well as skills required for successful business professions, entrepreneurs, further studies and professional certifications in finance
  • Have analytical, logical and critical thinking skills in dealing with financial and business problems
  • Have critical vision towards making successful strategic, ethical and sound financial and business decisions
  • Have positive attitude, leadership qualities, and ability to work as a team
Career Prospects in Finance
Business developer, Financial analyst/advisor, Corporate analyst, Value based management consultant, Strategic financial planner, Investment banker, Credit and cash manager, Financial planning and forecasting advisor, Risk analyst, Credit and risk manager, Securities analyst, Securities trader/broker, Derivatives analyst, Personal financial planner, Financial research analyst, Portfolio analyst/manager, Fund manager, Project finance manager, business owners, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Department of Finance

To be recognized as a leading program in finance producing ethical and quality graduates who make valuable contributions to the society and the economic development of a country

To produce competent graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to make wise and ethical decisions to shape the future success of the organizations

1st Semester


Degree Name

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)


Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics


Department of Finance


Full Program

4 Years