Ph.D. (Business Administration)

Martin de Tours School of Management's PhD Program in Business is dedicated to training the next generation of leading scholars in business. The philosophy of the doctoral program is to build on a solid foundation in the social sciences to develop rigorous analytical capabilities in the study of the underlying disciplines, while at the same time, discussing topics of common interest in a diverse community of scholars. Our doctoral students undertake a broad curriculum while providing the flexibility to pursue multidisciplinary studies.

The plan of study is designed for completion within four years. The curriculum is structured around three areas of competency: research methods, theoretical concepts, and quantitative empirical skills. In their first year, students will take foundation and required courses in macro and microeconomics, econometrics and organizational theory. Students also will take courses to prepare them to conduct quantitative empirical research. In the second year, students will continue developing their competency in three specializations; finance, marketing and management, but have greater flexibility to structure a program of study that meets their specific needs and interests. At the end of their second year of coursework, students are required to pass a qualifying examination. In addition, during the last two years, students work toward the preparation and defense of a thesis on an original topic. This structure reflects the School's philosophy that the major goal of the doctoral program is to produce the next generation of scholars and researchers in business. In a world that increasingly values knowledge, students will therefore have the skills and expertise to make a significant contribution

We do not agree with the notion that only students who are academically brilliant can pursue doctoral studies. What we would like to have are students who are willing to tackle challenging problems of real-world importance in a rigorous fashion using the best of theoretical and empirical approaches. To this end, we welcome applicants from diverse academic, cultural, and professional backgrounds. This diverse community is a valuable resource that allows students to broaden and expand their intellectual horizons.

The Martin de Tours School of Management consists of faculty with diverse research, teaching, and consulting experiences. Faculty members hold doctoral degrees from premier institutions and include scholars with international experience, and professionals with significant industrial experience. The doctoral program is kept deliberately small, so that faculty members can place a high priority on the intellectual development and training of students. Since its establishment in 1969, the Martin de Tours School of Management has developed an outstanding reputation for its interdisciplinary programs in business and as evidence of that commitment, alumni have obtained senior positions in local and multinational firms, both in the country as well as abroad. We believe that the PhD program at Martin de Tours School of Management is an excellent preparation for a future academic career.

Ph.D. (Business Administration)

To be the leading international business school in ASEAN region providing high quality business education to enable graduates to make valuable contributions to organizations and society.

To shape our students into independent-minded graduates who are well versed in business, able to communicate effectively, tech savvy, innovative, and ethical to successfully face global challenges.

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Ph.D. (Business Administration)


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