Product Design


To produce graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follows:
  • Possess personal, professional, and environmental ethics accepted and approved by the society.
  • Possess product design knowledge, technical skills, entrepreneurial and enterprising skills, and professional responsibility sufficient to assume leadership positions in the industry, society and the country.
  • Confident in rendering product design services achieved through design thinking, problem solving, numerical analysis, and appropriate psychomotor skills in the milieu of science and technology while adhering to preservation of arts and culture.
  • Possess the 21st century skills, which includes social skills, communication skills, and digital literacy skills within collaborative environments

  • Product Design

    The Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program in Product Design recognizes the importance of safe, functional and attractive products in improving the quality of life as well as protecting the environment. Through immersion in product design knowledge, material properties, production processes, aesthetic consideration, and critical understanding of ever-changing socio-cultural values and business environment, the program cultivates morally imbued individuals who possess intrinsic design skills, entrepreneurial an enterprising skill, and technical skills in becoming successful and responsible product designers.

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    1st Semester


    Degree Name

    Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (B.F.A.)


    Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and design


    Department of Product Design

    Full Program

    4 Years