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We anticipated our AU Study Abroad Center has been designed for AU students, to provide a wealth of information about further their study abroad, to assist you to find world-leading universities offered to earn types of study abroad programs, to process enrollment at a partner university in the Australia, UK, USA and Switzerland. We are here to help you to open the door to your future career path.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience for students. On your journey to you goal you can learn exciting things outside the classroom and learn to say ‘hello’ in a foreign language, make friends, eat exotic foods/dishes, it is direct path to personal growth and developing your international mindset, While learning in a foreign country can also teach you to be more responsible and move you out from your comfort zone, ‘because the finer things in life is just beyond the comfort zone!”

Study Abroad Programs
Types of Study Abroad Programs
You may heard all kind of exciting stories of studying abroad from your friends but may not know all the details so we are here to give a easy clear guideline to your exciting years abroad. You can apply for any of the degree based on your academic background and education level:
Double Degree:
When you study in a double degree programme you study 2 years in AU and 2 years in a foreign partner University. Upon graduation you receive 2 certificates from you home and host country.
Joint Degree:
When you study in a Joint degree you study the core courses with AU and take the specialized courses at the partner university and receive one Degree from the foreign University which can reduce your total expense and help you stay near your home before getting your foreign degree.
Exchange Programme:
In Exchange Programme you will study 1 semester for 4 months in a foreign Country learning about their culture and all new exciting things and return to your home University to complete your degree.
Summer courses:
You may go for an intensive training and vocational learning courses during your summer Break to learn and experience new culture with one of our partner University.
Application period
At least 4 months before selected programs class begins

Application Components and Required Documents
  • A completed Application Form.
  • Copies of Official Transcripts Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Copies of Citizen ID card and House Registration (For Thai Applicants only).
  • Copies of Passport and Police Clearance Report (For Foreign Applicants only).
  • Copies of Birth certificate
  • Copies of Name Change Certificate – If any
  • Copies of English language test scores – (IELTS)
  • Consent from the Faculty if applying for Double Degree
  • Download Study Abroad Form

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