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  • My name’s Sutinan Senasu. I graduated from the ABAC nursing school in 2006. I then worked at Bangkok9 International Hospital as a Registered Nurse, assigned primarily to the Inpatient Care Unit as a staff nurse, and sometimes I was assigned as a charge nurse as well.

    After working for about one year, I wanted to further my career path in the United States. Therefore, I came to New York City as a F1 visa or graduate student and applied to the California Board of Nursing for the NCLEX-RN examination. I passed the examination in May 2009 and had planned to move to California. However, along my tough journey, I met my future wonderful husband. We got married, and I moved to Chicago. I am now a registered nurse in Illinois and California. In November 2009, I was employed at the Fresenius Medical Care Congress Parkway Dialysis Center as a Certified Dialysis Nurse. I have learned a great deal in caring for patients who require Hemodialysis. After that, I moved on to Thorek Memorial Hospital, working as a Registered Nurse on the Medical/Surgical floor and Oncology Unit, also adding certificates in oncology and ACLS.

    My experiences have been very rewarding thus far. It really has been a dream come true; a girl from one of the poorest provinces in Thailand, Sisaket, who could not speak, read, or write English fluently. ABAC and its professors had provided me with the knowledge, strengths, and confidence to help me be the person I am today.

    Special thanks to my beloved dean, Dr. Nanthapan, Dr. Siriporn, Archan Pat, Archan Pook Patcharee, Archan Nungruetai, Archan Chavalee and my classmates for all your love and support. I MISS YOU ALL!!!

    Sutinan Senasu

I graduated from Assumption University, School of Nursing in 2006 and a year later I came to live in the United States (the Los Angeles area) in pursuit of the so-called “American Dream”.

Those who knew me know I had a lot to contend with in the early stages of my journey, in a place where I knew no one, had no job waiting for me and had only a small amount of savings to keep me afloat. To think of it now, I was incredibly naïve to take on such risk… but, in the end, I’m glad I did.


My education at ABAC helped me achieve a successful transition into American life and to land a job as a nurse auditor at the No. 1 ranked hospital in an area serving a regional population of more than four million. My work is challenging but thoroughly enjoyable and I wake up in the morning each day looking forward to going to work. As a nurse auditor, my job is to act as both a medical and legal advocate for the hospital in conducting defense audits against the insurance companies when a substantial bill is being challenged. This work generally involves researching and validating the medical charges billed to the patient based on documentation and evidence of medical necessity and then conducting exit interviews and negotiating final agreements on dispute resolution with the insurance company’s nurse auditor.

I now have a life I never dreamed was possible and am able to give back to my parents who raised me well and have sacrificed everything to guarantee that I live a more successful life than them. My gratitude also goes out to my teachers at ABAC for the life lessons they taught me and the work ethic they instilled in me, and to the school itself for extending me a full scholarship based on the belief that this poor young girl from Surin had some potential for something bigger.

Tongjai Chanparn

Hi! everyone; let me introduce myself. My name is Yada Nar, natively from Myanmar.

I graduated from Nursing Faculty, Assumption University in May 2006. I started my graduate study in 2007 and recently got Master in Education from Sul Ross State University, Alpine TX, USA. I am currently living with my family in New York and plan to continue my education in Public Health. I thank all of instructors from AU Nursing School for teaching me how to be not only good student but also good person.

Yada Nar

Hello everyone!!! I graduated from ABAC Nursing School in 1992 which was the year of graduation for our first class of nursing students. I worked as an operating room nurse at Camillian Hospital and Bangkok General Hospital for 3 years before coming to California. I came here as a foreign student first before my hospital sponsored me for a green card after passing the NCLEX-RN exam. I’ve been working as a nursing staff and relief charge nurse for 9 years on the medical-surgical unit at a 101-year-old community hospital in San Bernardino, approximately 10 miles away from home. There are a lot of things to do at work, but basically I just have to make my patients happy and comfortable using my nursing skills. I’m currently advancing my career by going into an adult/ geriatric nurse practitioner program at University of California, Irvine. I’m not a workaholic, so I spend my free time on doing stuff and traveling around the world. Everywhere I go, I have to buy at least one bookmark to remind me of the places. You can also visit me on my Facebook.

I’d like to give special thanks to our Dean, Dr. Nanthaphan and ABAC Nursing School that have helped me come this far. You’re truly appreciated. Good luck to all of you in life, school, and career. Success is waiting for you if you are looking for it and giving yourself a chance.

Pittawat Narktawan