Ms. Tongkon Wachirasakun

Current position : Board of Directors at Sansooksabye Rumruaysub.,LTD

Graduates Class 2009

Major: Agro-Industry, School of Biotechnology

“Graduated from School of Biotechnology, not only received a special degree to strengthen my knowledge and skill, I also learn how to run business ethically, and build up my good connection and network to faster my goal achievement. Agro industry is a gateway program for the young new entrepreneur"

Mr.Thananan Taechadhumnukul

Entrepreneur of Srima-Medic Co., Ltd

(Part of 1st Sharing Profit group of medical equipment companies in Thailand)
(Average >500 million baht for sales achieves in a year) (2015 – now)

Graduates Class 2001

Major: Agro-Industry, School of Biotechnology, Assumption University MBA.(Marketing) International Program , Institute of International Student Studies - Ramkhamheang University

“There are many factors that causes successful life. Those are systematic thinking process, good friends to build up the business opportunities, good ethics to optimistic paradigm makes the open- minded. All of the upper factors gently build in the period of my bachelor degree life in Biotechnology school. Scientific thinking method can make you get more conscious life.”

Mr. Chuchod Sapabguy

Posiition: Food Product Sale Section Manager,
Modern Trade Sale Operation, Food Service Phnom Penh Area

Graduate : 2011

Average salary : 2000 USD

For Biotech…

You may pass us by if you want to be a normal scientist, but join with us if you want to be a fantastic scientist.

MS. Tanawan Likhanapaiboon

Batch: 49x, graduated: 2010

Current position: senior supply chain manager, Big C Supercenter Thailand

For Biotech…

"Biotech, ABAC gives me not only scientific knowledge,
but also business background, which is great to apply for everything"