Student’s Letter of Consent
For the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

I’m a student applicant and/or an admitted Student of Assumption University, here by acknowledge and agree to provide my consent for the Assumption University as Data Controller to collect, use and disclose my Personal Data under these following conditions:

1.Collection and use of Personal Data
My Personal Data provided during the application process as well as my information collected by the University during my terms as the University’s student including, but not limited to, Personal Data, contact information, education records, information regarding activities, ethnicity, religion, and health, as well as photographs or motion pictures recorded by electronic devices or any other method that renders possible identification. The information exists and is accurate, and shall be used under the conditions set forth in the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 as announced in the University’s purpose for the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data which shall be used for the benefit of the University’s affairs, including, but not limited to, educational administrations, educational services, researches, academic services, educational activities, statistics, or for the benefit of providing services by any other electronic means under the University’s mission as well as for various operations related to the compliance with rules and regulations of the university. This consent shall survive the termination of my status as the University’s student under any circumstance. The recording, storage, and use of information shall be in accordance with the “Personal Data Protection Policy of Assumption University”

2.Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data
I hereby provide my consent to the university to disclose or forward the Personal Data to internal and/or external organisations, both domestically and internationally, in order to verify the Personal Data in compliance with the law or any contractual undertaking made with said agency.

3.Data Subject Rights I hereby acknowledge that I shall have the following Data Subject Rights according to the law;
3.1) The right to request to correct or change my Personal Data to be accurate, completed, and updated in order to avoid misunderstanding under the rules and regulations of the University.
3.2) The right to access to, or to request certify copies of my Personal Data that are under the responsibility of the University or to request clarification regarding the acquisition of unconsented Personal Data.
3.3) The right to obtain my Personal Data from the University, including the right to request the University to forward or transfer the Personal Data to other Data Controllers or to obtain my Personal Data that the University had forwarded or transferred to another Data Controller.
3.4) The right to withdraw the consent at any time that the Personal Data remain under the University’s supervision, unless there is a legal restriction on the exercise of said rights. Provided, however, the withdrawal of such consent shall not affect the use, or the disclosure of the Personal Data before the consent is withdrawn.
3.5) The right to file complaints in the event that the Data Controller, the Data Processor, or any employee or contractor of the University violated or failed to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law.