Mr. Pimtep Kongsaard
Student ID: 581-2942
Faculty of Music

“What is more difficult than learning is learning to work with others, abac is the best gym. to warm up before going out to work in the outside world.”

Mr. Nattapon Rattanarak
Student ID: 591-4386
Faculty of Arts Major in Business English

“As the third year ABAC student, I always feel like home to be here. I can enjoy the study surrounded by the international environment and participated in many activities at the same time. With the international linkage, I have friends from other cultures which make me learn a lot more about living life. ABAC is not only a place where I study academically, but it is also a place where I learn how to work, deal with problems and grow up as the great adult.”

Miss Pawornrat Sabamporn
Student ID: 601-4375
Faculty of Business Administration

“ABAC is more than a university. But it is like a second home with teachers, brothers and sisters who are very warm. and can also teach us to learn English Dare to speak or present and not afraid to make mistakes. because there are teachers to support and always help to fix There are always fun things to do. makes us feel more happy to learn and participate in activities”

Mr. Kamonpod Sucher
Student ID: 601-4181
Faculty of Architecture and Design Major in Architecture

"When I first came to study, I was very worried about the language because this is a famous international university in Thailand. afraid to learn not to understand But when it comes to actually studying English is not as difficult as you think. Because ABAC has a basic language adjustment. This makes them more confident in communicating in English with friends."

Miss Phattaree Tussananakajit
Student ID: 601-4362
Faculty of Communication Arts Major in Live Event Creation and Management

“ABAC teaches me to improve myself and they gave me many memorable experiences. I am very proud to be AU student.”

Miss Thitiporn Ratchatasedthakul
Student ID: 602-5213
Faculty of Engineering Major in Aeronautic Engineering

“I’m Thitiporn Ratchatasedthakul. My nickname is Fon. I’m studying in Vincent Mary school of Engineering, majoring in Aeronautic engineering (Aircraft maintenance) in my second year. I always want to be in the international environment. ABAC gives me all I need. I’m in the university that use English as medium, so I can improve my language skills. The courses here are not that easy as many people thought, but it’s the way to learn. The teachers are so kind and welcome to help. Moreover, in ABAC, there are tons of facilities serving for the students without charging. I feel like ABAC is my second home.”