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In 1992, the Faculty of Communication Arts was established with two major programs – Advertising and Visual Communication Arts. The faculty was formerly housed in Queen’s Tower, 7th Floor, Huamak Campus. In 2004 three programs namely, New Media Communication, Performance Communication, and Public Relations were introduced. In 2008 the school was moved to the Suvarnabhumi Campus to its new home in two buildings, “Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts Building” and the “Communication Arts Studio”. The name of the faculty was then changed to “Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts” in 2009 to honor the Rector of Assumption University, Rev. Bro. Bancha Saenghiran (Albert Laurence), who has continuously provided guidance to the school. In 2012, the school offered an addition two programs, Computer Generated Imagery and Visual Communication Design.

Today the Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts is among the leading international communication arts program in Thailand with successful alumni in every communication discipline. Many of the alumni have clinched globally acclaimed awards from the Cannes Festival of Creativity, Academy Awards or Oscars (Visual Effects), AdFest Asia, and D&AD. In addition, faculty members are recognized in their field through their research and specialization.

In 2022 the Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts would be celebrating its 30th anniversary.



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Creative Commercial Communication (CCC)

The multi-disciplinary communication arts program aimed to produce graduates who are both creative communicators and strategic entrepreneurs. Students will be exposed to various forms of creative and commercial communication and media. Our program will ignite your creative ideas, encourages you to create creative commercial communication and challenges you to innovate sustainable communication solutions in the digital era.

Creative Communication Design (CCD)

An International Design curriculum for the next generation that integrates creativity, technology, art and design skills in the 21st century with marketing experience applying into creative businesses along with learning professionally practiced from real case studies in graphic design and digital imagery design.

Imagineer Media Entrepreneurship (IME)

The innovative communication arts program designed for challenges in the metaverse. Students are equipped with four skills, which are communications, design, business, and information technology to produce graduates, who have what it takes to conquer the future.

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