Creative Commercial Communication


We believe that Communication Arts in the 21st century are driven by creative economy, digitalization and sustainability. Our program, the Bachelor of Communication Arts in Creative Commercial Communication (CCC) aims to produce graduates who are both creative communicators and strategic entrepreneurs. Students will be exposed to various forms of creative and commercial communication and media. Our program will ignite your creative ideas, encourages you to create creative commercial communication and challenges you to innovate sustainable communication solutions in the digital era.

Creative Commercial Communication




The key concept for this program is the ignition of your creative ideas to create sustainable commercial communication solutions that are globally recognized in the digital era. Students would master five crucial skills and mindsets of the 21st century, which are creativity, strategic thinking, commercial communications, digitalization, and sustainability. CCC is an interdisciplinary program that enables students to select from various concentrations across the disciplines of communication arts, communication technology and science, gamification, event, music, food technology, tourism and hospitality business. The CCC program can be completed dually with a second degree. By fulfilling the credit requirements, they can get the second degree from the School of Science and Technology, the School of Music, the School of Biotechnology, or the School of Management and Economics.

1st Semester



Degree Name

Bachelor of Communication Arts (B.Com.Arts.)


Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts


Department of Creative Commercial Communication

Full Program

3.5 Years




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