On campus


Room Type

4 persons per room
2,500 baht per person

3 persons per room
2,500 baht per person

2 persons per room
3,000 baht per person

2 persons per room
(with large balcony)
3,500 baht per person

Facilities & Service

Air Condition
Bed size 3.5" x 6.5"
Desk, Chair and Bookshelf
Shoe Cabinet
Side Carbinet
Side Bed Drawer
Hi-Speed Internet
Water Heater & Shower
Common room
Study room
Infirmary room
24 hr Ambulance standby
Parking lots
Laundry Service service

AU Sports Center

Fitness Room
Indoor Swimming Pool
Tennis Court
Squash Court
Badminton Court
Basketball Court
Snooker Room
Table Tennis Room
Sauna and Steam
Football Field

AU Mall

Convenience Store
Beauty Salon


Contact Information: Suvarnabhumi Campus
Service Hours: Mon – Sat (8.00 a.m.5.00 p.m.)
Location: 2nd Floor, King David Hall
Telephone: 02‐7232222 ext 2466 or 2468
E‐mail : [email protected]


1. One Photo (1 inch)
2. Copy of Student ID Card
3. Copy of Thai ID Citizen (For Thai Student) or Copy of passport + Visa (For Non-Thai student)
4. Copy of the first page of Bank Book with original letter of consent for automatic debit from account from Bank of Ayudhya (Suvarnabhumi or Huamak Branch only)

The Three Dormitories:

King Solomon
Queen of Sheba
King David's 

  • Fully Furnished & Equiped
  • 24 Hours Reception
  • 24 Hours Security
  • 24 Hours ambulance standy
  • Weekly Room Cleaning Service

  • High Speed Internet
  • In-House technician service
  • Mailing Service
  • Infirmary room
  • Residence Halls Student Advisor 

Dormitories Fees:

Room Types

AU Sports Center

Accommodation on campus : FAQ

Who Can Stay In The Residence Halls?
Students can stay in the residence hall for one academic year, excluding the summer session. All students must move out at the end of the academic year. If any student would like to stay on for another academic year, he will be required to submit a special request. This is to allow all students to have an equal chance to stay at the residence hall.

All Assumption University students have an opportunity to stay at the residence halls depending on the number of available rooms. Students are given priority according to the following categories: 1. students whose courses (or most of them) are located at Bang Na campus 2. International students and 3. students whose homes are in the provinces.
Why stay in the Residence Halls?
The objective of the residence halls is to foster appropriate "campus life" which includes both student residents and commuting students. The AU Residence Hall is not merely a place to rest and sleep but is a place filled with facilities, proper security, and architectural beauty that will enable students to learn and acquire knowledge. In addition, there are residence hall advisors who are able to help and advise students with any problems that they may have. Overall, these factors contribute to a residence hall of high standard and allow students to manage their time effectively in order to develop themselves mentally and emotionally.

The reason for the creation of residence halls is not to obtain profit but the money obtained from residence fees is to foster effective service and an appropriate atmosphere. Therefore, the university has decided on a residence fee of 3,500 Baht per person per month. In addition, the student pays electricity, water, and damage deposit fees. Damage deposit fees will be returned to the student at the contract termination period.
What will you find at the Residence Halls?
The residence halls are open 24 hours a day. However, student residents who will not be spending the night at the residence halls need to notify the residence hall staff in advance since residence hall staff will check the number of student residents every night.

Only student residents are allowed to enter the residence halls. There will be a security check before students can enter the residence halls. Security guards are available 24 hours a day. To ensure the safety of student residents, there are smoke detectors and sprinklers in every room (students will not be allowed to smoke in their rooms and in the corridors) and fire escapes, emergency lights, and a 24-hour closed circuit television monitoring system.

The rules and regulations of the AU residence halls are related to the philosophy and objectives of the university. We would like to emphasize a positive and safe environment in order to foster self-discipline and responsibility and to help students to develop themselves mentally and emotionally. Overall, rules and regulations have been established since the university has a responsibility to parents for their children.

All rooms are double room and it is recommended that students apply in pairs. If a student does not have a roommate, then the residence hall staff will find a roommate for them.
Safety Measures
In order to ensure the safety of all students, all students who bring their friends into the residence halls are requested to ask their friends to sign in/sign out. However, male student residents will not be able to enter the rooms of the female student residents and vice versa.

To prevent fire hazards and other problems, students are not allowed to bring electrical appliances such as irons, rice cookers, microwaves, kettles, and electrical stoves. Students may make use of the kitchens, laundry services, and the mini marts available in the residence halls.
What will you need to bring?
The residence halls already have all the necessary items except for bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and towels. Students are requested to bring the above items themselves. Students may also purchase these items at the AU bookstore.
Each room has the following conveniences:
  • Two 3.5' x 6.5' size beds including a mattress and a pillow. Students should bring their own bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets; or they can be purchased at the book store.
  • Two closet and shoe cabinets
  • Two desks and chairs
  • A direct-line telephone
  • A water heater
  • A pair of on-line connections for computer internet access
  • An air-conditioner
  • A 2.1 cubic foot refrigerator
  • A 21" color television with UBC (21 channels)
  • A smoke detector
  • The services available are the following:
  • Weekly room cleaning
  • Public telephones (coin & card) accommodating both domestic and international calls. Fax and xerox machines are also available.
  • 24 - hour security guard service for the residents' convenience
  • Pay-per-use water purifying machines
  • Soft drink vending machines
  • A mini-mart, a lounge, a kitchen, a fitness room, and a recreation hall.
  • A 20-bed medical center complete with qualified nurses, and doctor services at the "Primary care center".
  • Support facilities in the Residence Halls
    Apart from the facilities provided in the rooms, there is a fitness gym, a games room, a soccer field, tennis courts, basketball courts, and volleyball courts for students. In addition, there is a mini-mart and laundry service. In the future, there will be a plaza in front of the resident halls, which will contain restaurants and other services.

    There is a cleaning service (once per week) for all rooms. All students should clean their rooms regularly every day to ensure their own physical and mental health. In addition, residence halls staff provide cleaning of all common areas, garbage disposal, 24-hour repair service, and 24-hour medical emergency service.


    Residence Halls Student Advisorbisor
    They provide counselling and help to all students concerning legal issues, academic matters and other social and personal problems. They also ensure peaceful and pleasant living conditions.
    AU Sports Center
    There are many health and sports facilities where one could relax, exercise, do sports and socialize. They include a fitness room, badminton field, basketball field, indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam, etc.
    Weekly room Cleaning Service
    Housekeeping staff is available to clean student rooms once a week to ensure a comfortable and healthy living environments.
    Infirmary room and 24-hours ambulance stanby
    Infirmary room is available to deliver immediate medical assitance to all students. Also, 24-hours ambulance is available to ensure transportation to the nearest hospital for students with more significant medical problems.