Theodore Maria School of Arts

Theodore Maria School of Arts


In 1999, the University Senate approved the merger between the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Arts. Thus, the Faculty of Arts became the second biggest faculty of the university, boasting a truly international faculty body of over 20 nationalities. The Faculty consists of 4 departments in charge of the major programs and the Department of General Education (GE) and the Institute for English Language Education (IELE) are in charge of the foundation courses. On the occasion of the School's 30th Anniversary, Reverend Brother Dr. Martin Prathip Komolmas bestowed upon us a new name: "Theodore Maria School of Arts".

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Language Education – Business Inspiration

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The Advantages of Studying Arts at ABAC

4 business-language integrated programs and minor business courses of choice

International Program Get You Ready for Global Business

1. 40% foreign full-time faculty members and advisors

2. Multicultural studies with 15% international students from over 32 countries

3. Teaching and learning in a true multicultural environment

Job Training & Extensive Networking

1. Internship opportunities in multinational business companies

2. MOUs signed and collaborations with other organizations and universities

What Can You Do with the Degree?

1. About 50% Arts graduates employed in marketing and general management, 36% in hospitality and tourism, and 15% in communication.

2. Internationally accepted degrees for further studying locally and overseas and at other well-known leading institutions.

Labor Omnia Vincit

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