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Assumption University, School of Music is one of quite a few universities in Thailand that runs the whole courses completely in English. We believe that music is a universal language that connects people around the whole world boundless with the sound. Thus, you are unavoidable to meet foreigners and play or work with them so if your highly musical skills combined with English skills, you will be at the edge among the competitive, yet globalised world. School of Music provides two main programmes, "Music Performance and Music Business".

Within Music Performance programme, there are four pathways you can choose - classical, jazz, composition or songwriting. You can also take one as a major and one as a minor in the later year of your study. Your performing skills will be shaped by our talented faculty members who are from around the world with special cares and personal yet accessible. At the late study years, you will be asked to perform an official recital to the public accompanied with many available plays and activities that school will provide for you during your full-four year here.

Within Music Business programme, you will be taught the concept of music industry process in today's digital age. You will learn how the labels work but we will also encourage you to become a successful self-music business person not just waiting to get signed by big labels. You will learn from the start of how to be a talented artist, writing-recording and mixing your own song, use an online service to promote your own works and definitely become your own manager. Before you graduate, you will be also given a chance to have a music industry internship outside the school as well.

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September 22, 2019

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September 22, 2019

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