Email application: To apply via email, the applicant must scan and email the required admission documents mentioned below at

  • After document evaluation, the applicant will be informed via email the status of his application. If the documents emailed are incomplete or are not in order with the regulations as specified by with the Ministry of Education, the applicant will be asked to send supplemental documents.
  • International applicants whose documents are approved must send an operation fee payable to Assumption University as an operations fee. This fee includes service fee, issuing documents, airport pick up fee (This is not refundable). Applicants who have completed their high school or equivalent in Thailand are not required to send operation fee.
  • Upon the receipt of the draft along with other required documents, the university will issue the applicant an Acceptance Letter, which will facilitate the issuance of Non-Immigrant Thai visa with a stay permit of 90 days. Applicants must produce the Acceptance Letter to the Royal Thai Consulate in their home country to obtain a student visa and comply with the expected date of arrival stipulated in the Acceptance Letter.