Thomas Aquinas School of Law

The EMBLEM of the School of Law reminds us of who we are also of the underlying principles of the School’s personnel, students and alumni.

“The Escutcheon” is the shield that carries the name of the University, which is the first international and Catholic university in Thailand under the “Institute of the Brothers of Saint Gabriel Province of Thailand”

"AU School of Law" on the blue ribbon indicates the name of the School, which was the eighth faculty established at Assumption University in 1992.

“The Golden Scale” symbolizes JUSTICE, which is one of the four cardinal virtues. The scale is an international pictogram of organizations concerned with law and justice. The legal axiom “fiat justitia, et ruat clum” means “Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.”

“The Code of Law” requires the law faculty and students to be scholars who continuously improve their knowledge, both academic and general, and professional skills as part of a life-long learning process.

"jus respicit aequitatem" is the core philosophy of our Law School, meaning “Law Abides by Justice.” This motto reminds legal practitioners to seek and rely more on justice than the law itself.

The colors of the School are blue and white. White represents purity and justice, while blue signifies truth and peace. AU Law students must uphold the dignity of justice and truth and place them before their own personal interests.

“jus respicit quitatem” (Law Abides by Justice)


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Our law school offers the most comprehensive English-language curriculum in Thailand and has been providing it since 1993. We also offer concentration courses in various areas of law, including Professional Lawyers in Judicial Process, IT and IP Management, Logistics and Law, Real Estate Business and Law, and Taxation Law and Accounting Principles.

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Quality Legal Education

English and Thai Curriculum

Job Training Opportunities

Esteemed Law School Community

The Advantages of Studying Law at ABAC

Offers the most English-course studies, and the most Business Law elective courses every academic year.

  • Also, the only law school in Thailand providing concentration courses on Professional Lawyer in Judicial Process, IT and IP Management, Logistics and Law, Real Estate Business and Law, and Taxation Law and Accounting Principles.
  • Basic subjects are taught in English.
  • 20 Credits in subjects of law are study in English such as Contract drafting law, Invesment, IBT and English for law.
  • Only private university joined the Conference with ALSA Organicesation.
  • Completed 111 credits, students are eligible to apply for a diploma. To apply for legal training (lawyer ticket), Lawyer Training Office of the Lawyers Council under the Royal Patronage before graduating with a bachelor's degree.

  • International Program Get you Ready for Global Business

    Inculcates learners with outstanding and reputable lecturers who have crucial roles in national and international legal, economic, and social development.

  • Business management and pertaining law are blended together in all Law-Entrepreneur concentration courses. These courses will be also conducted in English.
  • Hybrid classes will be arranged for convenience and benefits of learners and instructors. Catching up on global issues is no longer in trouble.

  • Job Training & Extensive Networking

    Cooperates with a number of leading academic and professional institutions to enhance the quality of teaching and learning management

  • Learners gain wider opportunities for higher educations and future careers. Be only private university in Thailand as a member of Asian Law Students Association (ALSA).
  • Learners will have great opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences, and to develop their competencies with other law students from more than 20 member countries in Asia.

  • What Can You Do with the Degree?

    Continue legal studies at higher levels at leading academic institutes both domestic and overseas.

    Apply to professional lawyers in the judicial process such as Judge, Public Prosecutor, or Practice Lawyer.

    Integrate with specific business management as a legal-minded entrepreneur or an advanced employee in business enterprises.

    Adopt in multidisciplinary sciences and purposes, because law is a means to every life aspect.

    Labor Omnia Vincit

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