Business Laws


To produce graduates with the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follows:
  • To graduates who demonstrate professional ethics, are of good moral character, have high integrity, uphold justice, and are socially responsible.
  • The graduates will acquire fundamental legal knowledge and an understanding of commercial law that will enable them to apply the laws appropriately.
  • The graduates will attain a high level of English proficiency.
  • The graduates will be able to apply their legal knowledge to analyze and solve work-related problems appropriately and responsibly.
  • The graduates will be able to work with others, adapt to different working environments and socialize appropriately. They will demonstrate leadership and accountability. They will be capable of planning an ongoing process of learning and self-improvement.
  • The graduates will be able to use communications technology effectively.

  • Bachelor of Laws

    “Our School aims to produce law graduates who are perfectly equipped with fundamental knowledge of laws, high level of English proficiency, professional ethics and competency, social responsibility, and team work skills that will enable them to apply laws appropriately and efficiently in different working environments in response to political, economic and cultural changes in society”

    1st Semester



    Degree Name

    Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)


    Thomas Aquinas School of Law


    Department of Laws

    Full Program

    4 Years