School of Biotechnology

At Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology, the undergraduate program is designed to serve the current hiring trend for S-curves industry, specifically in the field of Biotechnology and Food Technology. Students spend the first two and a half years of study developing the scientific and general background necessary for their experience in sciences. The foundation in basic sciences include chemistry, biology, physics, and fundamental knowledge in Food Technology such as nutrition, food microbiology, food chemistry, food analysis, food commodities, food processing, and food engineering. In their third year, as students realize what they want to pursue, there are 7 concentrations offered by the school to select on. Each concentration is provided under the collaboration between different Schools at Assumption University.

Bio-education to Bioentrepreneur

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International Program

Bio-entrepreneurship study is to combine knowledge in biotechnology with business tools to turn research innovations into business opportunities.

Be a Bioentrepreneur

Are you thinking about the next steps for your future career? Biotechnology entrepreneurship and innovation could be the right thing for you!

Work training

On-hands experience with renown industries and research laboratories around the world. Practical training over 300 hours among our collaborations both in Thailand and aboard

Extensive networking

On-the-job learning, 100+ projects networking with private and government sectors. Research funds possible!