Bachelor of Arts in Music Entrepreneurship

by Louis Nobilon School of Music, Assumption University
is the only programme of its kind in the country.
where students will be conferred with a professional degree, Bachelor of Arts Program in Music Entrepreneurship, which each of them will focus on selected aspect of interests up to his/her future prospected music profession in the entertainment industry. All music studies and lessons will not just enrich the students’ instrumental skills accomplishment but also to boot up music business mind to the limit. The program is aimed to direct the students’ musical talents in supplementing with music business courses in different area of concentrations such as Music Production, Digital Music Content Management, Songwriting, etc. Alternatively, they will also have a chance to choose a minor in other business oriented to sharpen their entrepreneurial potentiality such as management, marketing or a various business languages (English, Chinese, French, or Japanese) if they are interested in.

The students in our program will get opportunities to learn with professional artists, successful entrepreneurs, and well-known music business Gurus who are specialized in the music industry both domestic and international levels. In this way, the curriculum will equip all students with concrete knowledge and skillfulness as a player and music business entrepreneur in this multifaceted industry. Moreover, the program will fulfill the students in the area of music marketing, artist management, legal aspects in music Entrepreneurship related, including music technology to make sure that they will be ready to work in the world of digital music era.

Our Music Entrepreneurship degree is quite ideal for the students who wishing to work in administrative positions or to manage their own careers in this challenging and exciting field of unlimited opportunities. After graduation, the students may also further their studies for a Master Degree in Music Business/Industry or other graduate degrees in its related fields.

Department of Music Entrepreneurship

The Exclusive Music School, offering MUSIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP program, the first and only in Thailand and Asia, specialized for musicians, songwriters, producers, and all music enthusiasts, to be the music entrepreneurs in the digital age, fully enhanced with versatile skills in songwriting, recording, mixing, data analytics, online social media and advanced music business know-how.”

1st Semester


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Louis Nobilon School of Music


Department of Music Entrepreneurship

Full Program

4 Years