with other institutions of higher learning around the world to enhance the learning experience of the students and add value to both MSME and our partners. By promoting quality teaching and research and by creating productive relationships with partners in a multitude of disciplines, collaboration has been at the heart of the academic life of MSME today.

MSME also organizes academic conferences with our partners. Here is a list of our recent conferences:

International Conference on Production Management (ICPM) in 2017 with Japan Society for Production Management
International Business and Economy Conference (IBEC) in 2015, with the Hagan School of Business at Iona College (USA), the School of Business and Economics at Universidad Panamericana at Guadalajara (Mexico), the College of Business and the US-Korea Business Institute at San Francisco State University (USA), the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at the University of Connecticut (USA).

Asian Conference on Corporate Governance and Business Sustainability in 2013, with Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) at the University of Delhi (India)

Research Collaboration

Research collaboration with other universities is at the heart of partnership. Our faculty members go beyond the campuses to work with colleagues in other universities around the world to address global business challenges and problems. Driven by these challenges and aspired to impart knowledge and experience, we foster collaborative research aiming to enhance our understanding and transform the practice of businesses.

Our faculty members have recently conducted joint research work with faculty members from institutions such as Kobe University (Japan), Loughborough University (UK), Washington State University (USA), Yale University (USA).

MSME strives to have strong partnerships with the industries. Industry experts provide invaluable inputs to our curriculum allowing us to prepare our students for the ever-changing business environment. Moreover, they also help us organize experiential learning activities for our students. We also provide training and workshops to assist organizations in achieving success. We collaborated with more than 100 organizations every year.

MSME offers intensive workshops or training courses to business and industry. Built upon our long tradition of research excellence and wide range of disciplines, these corporate courses and training programs are customarily designed to cater the individual needs to each industry client. We combine the traditional classroom training and innovative IT tools to ensure the success of quality corporate training programs.

Our partners in the business world actively involve in our teaching and learning activities. The following are student activities and course assignments that we organized in the 2015 Academic Year.
  • 50 internships with companies including Boots, Burberry, Central Retail Group, Citibank, Esso, Hua Wei, IKEA, Ipsos, Intage, Jaspal, KBank, Lowe, Makro, Samsung, SCG, TNS

  • 40 cooperative education with companies including CP, Modernform, S&P, Srithai Superware, TV Direct

  • 28 business exposure trips to companies including Bangkok Airways, Bank of Thailand, Johnson & Johnson, Mazda, Mono Group, Nissan, Thai Glass Industries.

  • 6 student projects with companies such as Haier, No Gecko, Phillips, Twist Management.

  • MSME has partnered with several Thai government agencies. In cooperation with the local and central governments, MSME manages research and contributes to the capacity of governance.

    By actively engaging MSME faculty members in regional and national governance activities and by providing critical knowledge and expertise that is embedded in our faculty and that can be used to aid problem-solving, MSME has a long tradition of supporting policymakers to make informed decisions through collaborations with the public sector./p>

    MSME has received a total of THB 2 million from the Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC) to set up and operate a business incubator unit to assist the University's students and faculty members in starting up new business ventures as well as to disseminate essential knowledge on entrepreneurship to the public. At the University, the MSME's business incubator unit is known as the Assumption Business Leading Entrepreneurship - University Business Incubation (ABLE-UBI) Center.

    Thailand's Professional Standards for Property Management

    Department of Real Estate has been awarded a grant of over THB 5 millions from the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI), a semi-autonomous government agency, to develop Thailand’s professional standards for property management (commercial property). Expected outcomes of this project include:

    All faculty members of the Real Estate Department, in collaboration with faculty members from other MSME departments, have been actively participating in this project, and the project will last until October 17, 2018.