Professional Program

(Architecture / Interior Architecture)

Diverse-perspective, integrated learning-base, broaden design horizon in professional education


Professional Program

The Bachelor of Architecture, a worldwide recognized professional program in:
Architecture and Interior Architecture, reflects the application and integration of culture and arts with cutting-edge science and technology knowledge through experience learning with effective and creative management systems. This program is targeted to enlighten a life-long development of knowledge and competence in the learners for an internationally successful career that shall lead to self-employed business owners and become entrepreneurs.


  • Immersive learning Experience.
  • Opportunity to acquire 2 professional licenses.
  • International expedition.
  • Closed-bond learning environment.

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1st Semester



Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture (Architecture)

Bachelor of Architecture      (Interior Architecture)


Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and design

Major Field

Interior Architecture

Full Program

5 Years




AAU Publication (For Architecture)


AAU Publication (For Interior Architecture)


Students Activities