Agro-industry is a multi-disciplinary science that applies chemistry, microbiology, engineering, genetic and economic to increase agricultural productivity and competitiveness, products innovation and design new processes to improve the safety and quality of human life. Agro-industries are crucial for the creating of future energy supply and also provided employment and income opportunities for enhancing the rural off-farm activities such as handling, packaging, processing, transporting, and marketing of food and agricultural commodity. It is thus important to provide agro-industry education in order to produce graduate of this program to be able to formulate sound policies and strategies for fostering agro-industries. The food and agricultural industry is the world’s largest industry which employs many thousands of food and agricultural graduated each year.

Career path

  • Product manager, production supervisor
  • Quality Control (QC, QA supervisor)
  • Research & Development (R&D supervisor)
  • Waste water treatment supervisor
  • Genetic engineering researcher
  • Bio-safety supervisor, auditor
  • Marketing and Management
  • Agricultural product import and export supervisor

Department of Agro-Industry

Agro- Industry is the use of living organisms and products from the living organisms to improve productivity and competitiveness, product innovations and design new bio-based processes to improve the product qualities to serve human demands and eventually environmental safety. Agro-industries are crucial for the creating of future energy sources, food and agricultural supplies, biopharmaceutical products, managing with natural resources, waste utilizations, waste treatments and many agricultural commodities. Our students will have a great impact to serve the world demands.

1st Semester


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


Theophane Vernard School of Biotechnology


Department of Agro-Industry


Full Program

4 Years


Alumni Portfolio

Mr.Thananan Taechadhumnukul (P’Ford)


Major: Agro-Industry
School of Biotechnology
B.S.(Agro-Industry) School of Biotechnology, Assumption University
MBA.(Marketing) International Program , Institute of International Student Studies - Ramkhamheang University

Work experience : CMC Biotech Co., Ltd , Science and Technology Product Manager (Radiology department) (2006-2015)
Entrepreneur of Srima-Medic Co., Ltd (Part of 1st Sharing Profit group of medical equipment companies in Thailand) ( Average >500 million baht for sales achieves in a year) (2015 – now)

“There are many factors that causes successful life. Those are systematic thinking process, good friends to build up the business opportunities, good ethics to optimistic paradigm makes the open- minded. All of the upper factors gently build in the period of my bachelor degree life in Biotechnology school. Scientific thinking method can make you get more conscious life.”

Nitit Maranphal (P’Plum)


Major: Agro-Industry
School of Biotechnology

Education: BS Agro- Industry (ABAC) 2000
MS Food Science and technology, Texas
A&M University, College Station Texas 2003
MBA International Management, University of Texas at Dallas 2006

Current work: Emergent Construction Technologies, Project Manager (USA)

“How Agro Industry build your success? Alternative job that you would not think related, Food science, Agro Industry and construction? Well it is when you are building food processing plant, pet food products, cosmetics, warehouses and freezer.”

Tongkon Wachirasakun (P’ Lookyee)


Major: Agro-Industry
School of Biotechnology

Education: Board of Directors at Sansooksabye Rumruaysub.,LTD

“Graduated from School of Biotechnology, not only received a special degree to strengthen my knowledge and skill, I also learn how to run business ethically, and build up my good connection and network to faster my goal achievement. Agro industry is a gateway program for the young new entrepreneur"