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VCD or Visual Communication Design is a creation of Visual Aid Conveying ideas and information in form that can be read or looked upon. It includes Sign, Typography, Photography, Illustration, Graphic Design, Advertising and Electronic Media.

Career options for Visual Communication Designers.
It includes a wide range of areas such as Print Media, Book and Editorial Design, Marketing Communication Design, Branding, Advertising, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Exhibition and Environmental Design, Information Graphic, Motion Graphic Design, Website Design, Interface Design, Typography, Photography, Illustration and More.

Department of Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Department is an international communication design course. We believe that all creativities are the designable value. Our students will practically and theoretically learn about business and design from our experienced faculty members plus the alumni connection that will be supporting our students in the future.
Distinctive features:
1. Proficient marketing designer; One of the most recognized international designing courses generating designer with capability to create marketing-oriented design that can be implimented in the real situations.
2. Strong alumni connection with more than 20 batches graduated and grown up to be the successful creators and entrepreneurs.
3. Learning by doing from real project assignments from both business and social community for our student to try.
4. Personal consultants by our faculty members who will be with the student as required.

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1st Semester


Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (B.F.A.)


Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts


Department of Visual Communication Design

Full Program

4 Years



Students Activities

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Alumni Portfolio

Mr.Thanawat Sakdawisarak ID - 4910596
Career - Illustrator
Company - Bloody Hell Big Head
Facebook: BloodyhellBighead

Vcd experiences:
My experience when I studied in VCD. I thinks it is a good environment, friends and also the basic before we are going into the real place.

Ms. Kornnisa Mongkolpornu-dom
ID – 5114430
Career - Founder & Creative Thinker
Founder and Creative thinker of Unmelt Co-founder of Printo, Label and Sticker Studio

Vcd experiences:
I have learned that good design is not something that comes right at the beginning, but is a process of conceptual thinking in order to create something that can visually communicate to the real world. It is impossible to remember everything that has been studied in college, however two things I have learned that are really important in the field of visual communication design are conceptual development with professional execution. If every student works hard and does every project with full effort, I am sure that their future will be off to a great start. My 4 years of study have truly been beneficial to my business endeavors. I am currently running 2 businesses, Unmelt, a lifestyle product brand and Printo, a sticker printing shop. I’d like to thank all lecturers in the department who have helped shaped the person I am today.

Instagram/Facebook: Printolabel Facebook: unmeltcase Instagram: unmelt