The Bachelor of Accountancy Program in Accounting offers the students the opportunity to develop advance accounting skills, application of computer technology in accounting, and adhere to accounting ethics to meet the industry demands.

Our curriculum is continuously reviewed and adapted to the requirements of the Federation of Accounting Profession in Thailand as well as to meet the international accounting standards. Accounting students are highly trained in recording business transactions as well as preparing, analyzing, and interpreting financial statements. As accounting technology becomes very important part in the industry, accounting software packages have been integrated into the curriculum allowing the students to record and produce data in timely manner and increasing their ability to interpret and analyze data effectively and efficiently.


To be the leading international business school in ASEAN region providing high quality business education to enable graduates to make valuable contributions to organizations and society.
To shape our students into independent-minded graduates who are well versed in business, able to communicate effectively, tech savvy, innovative, and ethical to successfully face global challenges.

1st Semester



Degree Name

Bachelor of Accountancy (B.Acc.)


Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics


Department of Accounting

Full Program

4 Years