Business Administration

The new millennium where business is moving in new directions and empowered by technology, the world we live grows closer together but the world of business grows broader and more competitive. What does it mean for entrepreneurs and businesses to enter the world of business? Assumption University sees new attitudes towards work, break from old traditions, high ethical standards, diverse workforce, and new opportunities brought by advanced technologies. Therefore Assumption University envisions its MBA programs graduates as:

1. Healthy, creative, innovative, imaginative, open minded, and of high integrity
2. Competent, responsible, and able to lead economic endeavors in a just society
3. Communicate effectively with all local and foreign people and contribute in globalization

M.B.A. Business Administration
To be the leading international business school in ASEAN region providing high quality business education to enable graduates to make valuable contributions to organizations and society.
To shape our students into independent-minded graduates who are well versed in business, able to communicate effectively, tech savvy, innovative, and ethical to successfully face global challenges.

1.5 Years

500,000 THB -

550,000 THB

Degree Name

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A. )


Graduate School of Business

Department / Track

M.B.A. Fast Track (Day / Evening)
M.B.A. (Smart MBA)
M.B.A. Digital Track
M.B.A. Bilingual Track
Pre - M.B.A.


Semester Start