Educational Administration

In 1993, the Graduate School of Counseling Psychology (GSCP) was finalized and a program of studies leading to Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (M.S.CP) was submitted to the Ministry of University Affairs and approved. In mid-2004, the GSCP was changed to Graduate School of Psychology (GSP). The new program under the GSP was the Master of Arts in Family and Individual Studies (MAIFS) program, and the only English doctoral program in Counseling Psychology in the country (Ph.D.CP). In 2011, a new program, Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP), was introduced to replace the Master of Arts in Family and Individual Studies (MAIFS) program.

Assumption University initiated the Graduate School of Education (GSEd) providing three famous programs comprising two M.Ed. programs in 1998 -- the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and the Master of Education in Educational Administration -- and the Doctor of Philosophy program in Educational Leadership in 2004

Thesis & None Thesis Option

2 Years

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Master Degree (Educational Administration)


Graduate School of Human Sciences


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