Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot License (CPL): A dream career for many people with a salary 100,000 or more. Courses certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. You will train with BAC, a leading flight school partnered with the university, you will be skilled at Cessna flight training, harvesting hours of flight. Besides that, the flight instructor will take you to the License CPL exam, ready for you to become a future commercial pilot.

Aeronautic Engineering (Commercial Pilot)

The program has been designed to serve market’s needs in producing a commercial pilot with solid engineering background. VME Pilot students will learn how to operate in-flight instruments with firm understanding on its working principle, functionalities and limitations thanks to fundamental engineering courses.

Objectives of Curriculum

To produce graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follows:

  • To be morally sound, committed to acting justly and open to further growth.
  • To have aeronautic knowledge in both engineering and non-engineering fields.
  • To have aircraft maneuver skills.
  • To be open-minded with strong logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • To have strong communication skills.

Professions/Careers after Graduation

1. Passenger Pilot

2. Air Cargo Pilot

3. Recreational Pilot

4. Agricultural Pilot

1st Semester



Degree Name

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


Vincent Mary School of Engineering


Department of Aeronautic Engineering (Commercial Pilot)

Full Program

4 Years




Students Activities