International Business Management
(Major Field)


Department of International Business Management (Major Field)

With internationalization, regional arrangements, greater global interdependence of businesses, and rapid rate of technological and digital advancements, the international business environment is undergoing rapid transformation. The International Business Management (IBM) major aims to prepare students to confidently, strategically, and ethically confront various business challenges as well as to be technologically advanced in the global arena.
The major offers a good blend of management, marketing, and finance with a strong focus on global perspectives. These include abilities to 1) analyze the global market environment to identify key opportunities and challenges; 2) understand cultural, political, social, and economic diversities; 3) recognize consumers’ tastes and preferences and different buyers’ behaviors around the globe; 4) identify strategic locations for global operations; and 5) critically process information and formulate appropriate strategies to manage the firms. The IBM major aims to shape students to be global business savvy, flexible, rapidly adapt to changes in the global business, and work as a team with people from diverse cultures.
The diversified curriculum structure of the major prepares students for a variety of professional careers in domestic and multinational corporations as well as supranational organizations such as the United Nations. Through strong academic courses, dynamic and interactive teaching pedagogy, relevant and exciting international exposures in terms of summer exchange programs, internships, and field trips, the IBM program develops in students a global mindset and prepares them to be successful international entrepreneurs and business leaders.

1st Semester



Degree Name

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)


Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics


Department of International Business Management

Full Program

4 Years