Documents Required

The document required for submission prior to being admitted

*All Applicants must take placement tests in English and / or Mathematics on the application date

Thai School

1. High school graduates completing M.6 (Transcript and Diploma)

2. One copy of Identification Card and residence registration.

3. One 3x4 cm. photo.

4. A copy of a name/surname change certificate, if applicable.

International School

1. One copy of High School Certificate or Diploma or any other equivalent qualification as authorized by the respective country's Ministry of Education or other assigned government agency, which must be translated to English, if issued in any other language and be confirmed by their own government's appropriate Ministry or Embassy or issued in English by the school that issued the graduation record, diploma, or transcript.

2. One copy of High School Transcripts (Translated to English and get certified by their own Embassy or issued in English by their high school or equivalent graduated school.

3. Copy of passport for foreign applicants and one copy of Identification Card and residence registration for Thai students.

4. One 3 X 4 cm. photo.

5. A copy of a name/surname change certificate, if applicable, issued by appropriate authority in English.

Documents Required
(Transfer Students)

1. Should have at least a GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00 scale;

2. Diplomas of any sort do not qualify.

3. The institution must have at least a standard 4-year degree completion.

4. The course was completed at an institution accredited by the Civil Service Commission;

5. The course content is equivalent to that specified in the University's curriculum;

6. The course must have been taken within 5 years from the time of application;

Only a course with an earned grade of "C" or higher in a general education course or an earned grade of "B" or higher in a professional core course will be considered as transfer credit depending on the dean's final approval;

Transferred credits are not allowed to be more than half of the total credits of the desired program. In accordance with the Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation's regulations.

You can apply to transfer credit by completing the Transfer form and attaching official transcript and course description in English.

The transfer fee will be charged based on actual credit rate (@ 1 credit)

Remark: Process at least 3 weeks after completed documents and Admission officer will confirm with you via email or mobile phone.
The Dean judgment is final and all documents to the university will not be retuned to the student.