Aeronautic Engineering

In June 2011, Aeronautic engineering programs were launched in academic collaboration with Thai Flight Training Academy (TFTA) and Bangkok Aviation Center (BAC). The utmost goal is to produce well-qualified pilots and aircraft engineers in response to the continual growth of airline industries and demands for aeronautic officials. Namely, two concentrations are offered: Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Aeronautic Engineering

VME Vision Vincent Mary School of Engineering envisions itself in the next decade as:
1. To provide up-to-date multidisciplinary hands-on engineering programs for industry-ready graduates with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Christian values and English proficiency.
2. To foster applied research culture within the School serving local communities and beyond.

1st Semester


Degree Name

Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautic Engineering) B.Eng. (Aeronautic Engineering)


Vincent Mary School of Engineering


Department of Aeronautic Engineering


Full Program

4 Years