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Vincent Mary School of Engineering, Assumption University was established in 1990 with two departments; the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Electronics Engineering. The initial name was simply Faculty of Engineering and it was changed to Vincent Mary School of Engineering in 2014. One year after the inception in 1991, the Department of Computer Engineering was included. The Department of Telecommunications Engineering was created in 1998. These four departments offer Bachelor Degree Programs in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Telecommunications Engineering. The Faculty produced the first class of engineering graduates in 1994.

In June 2011, Aeronautic engineering programs were launched in academic collaboration with Thai Airways International Public Company Limited or Thai Flight Training Academy (TFTA) and Bangkok Aviation Center (BAC). Two majors are currently offered: Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME).

In 2018, Electrical and Electronics and Telecommunications and Electronics major fields under Electrical Engineering Department have been officially approved by Council of Engineers (COE), Thailand. As of now, VME is offering 4 programs of studies as follows:

1. Electrical engineering: 2 major fields: Electrical and Electronics / Telecommunications and Electronics
2. Computer engineering
3. Mechatronics engineering: 2 major fields: Automation / Marine system
4. Aeronautic engineering: 2 major fields: Commercial Pilot License (CPL) / Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)


"Engineering School With DNA of An Entrepreneur"

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The international program prepares world-class engineers.

Truly international program with international environment.

provision of 21-century skill development.

Trendy courses to catch up with fast-moving technology and internship of opportunities aboard.

4 Majors study programs for wold class Engineers

Computer Engineering Learn about computer systems, software and hardware.

Electrical Engineering Learn about electrical control. both electric power and electrical communication.

Mechatronics Engineering Learn about electrical systems and computer systems. to create robots to work in industry.

Aeronautical Engineering includes both aviation and aircraft maintenance. which is an international course with professional license to work in the country and abroad.

Cooperation with leading universities abroad.

Internship opportunities aboars and joint programs with well renowned university AU-Birmingham (Double Degree 2+2).

What Can You Do with the Degree?

Computer Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Robot Engineer bachelor commercial pilot and aircraft repair technician

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