Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

This engineering program is for those who have passion in learning myriad of computer programming languages. VME CE students will learn various hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Computer Architecture, Web Development, etc. with understanding on Network Design and Architecture to support it.

Objectives of Curriculum

To produce graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follows:

  • To be morally sound, committed to acting justly and open to further growth.
  • To have knowledge in Computer Engineering and able to apply knowledge.
  • To be capable of conducting research in both theoretical and practical aspects.
  • To have good personality, good social manners and able to appropriately work with people at all levels.
  • To have strong mathematical, computational and information technology skills.

Professions/Careers after Graduation:

  1. Computer/Network Engineer
  2. AI Engineer
  3. Application/Platform Developer
  4. Frontend/Backend Web Developer

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1st Semester


Degree Name

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


Vincent Mary School of Engineering


Department of Computer Engineering

Full Program

4 Years




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