Business Economics

The Bachelor of Economics in Business Economics (B.Econ.) program at Assumption University started to open its door to students in May 2005 with the initiation by the former Dean of Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics, Dr. Cherdpong Sibunruang. This was a vision of the President Emeritus, Bro. Martin Komolmas, to create an Economics program well integrated with the business disciplines and programs. The rationale of having a business economics program as part of the School of Management is that economics provides the foundation for all business fields and fosters analytical and critical thinking, which is vital for all business graduates.

Our Business Economics program provides a truly international learning environment as faculty members and students come from various countries around the world, such as Canada, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Over 200 undergraduate students are currently enrolled in the program. We have produced more than 350 graduates, and they have been recruited by organizations in both private and public sectors.

Bachelor of Economics in Business Economics

A degree in Economics would open a wealth of opportunity by allowing graduates to better understand the global dynamics that is shaping the future.
The Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics, Assumption University has a long-standing reputation in business education, which is the core strength of the Department of Business Economics. The program is designed to develop the numerical and analytical skills in creative and innovative ways. Through encouraging intellectual curiosity, and critical reflection, ethical deliberation, students would be prepared for the most challenging career opportunities in the future. Students are offered a choice from three areas of specialization – Business Administration, Economics, and Accounting. With a flexible curriculum students can design their own learning experience to prepare them for the future career of their choice.
Future career opportunities are strengthened through the areas of specialization. Graduates with BBA specialization can choose to work as a financial risk or investment analyst in insurance companies, investment funds, or even in the public sector. Financial risk analysts are critical in the process of risk management to evaluate and predict events that might negatively impact the financial stability of the respective organization. The Economics specialization offers graduates an understanding about the trend in trade and economics. Graduates can become economic consultants, study economic and statistical data encompassing many disciplines. As a result, graduates can complete various analytics regarding economic phenomena and possible scenarios. Those with the Accounting specialization might work for financial consultancy companies as auditors, who are responsible for reviewing the financial status and accounts of organizations.
The Business Economics program also has a strong collaboration with the University of Essex, which is ranked in the top 50 for social sciences. The University of Essex ranks among the top 20 universities in the UK for the quality of its research and the top 5 for social science. Students of the Business Economics program can choose the option of 3+1 program. For this program students would spend three years at Assumption University plus one year at the University of Essex. Graduates would receive a Bachelor’s Degree from Assumption University and a Masters Degree from the University of Essex.

1st Semester


Degree Name

Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ.)


Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics


Department of Business Economics


Full Program

4 Years